Meet the Artist

Artist: Hailey Houge

I've always been crafty and made art one way or another but it wasn't until the start of Covid and with the quarantine that I got into making jewelry. I started by learning to electroform, which is a really interesting process of making copper jewelry. I mix together a bunch of chemicals including copper sulfate and battery acid to make a “bath” where I submerge organic material and crystals painted with a conductive paint; once I hook the bath up to a power source copper will begin to grow on the conductive surfaces creating unique pieces of jewelry. After a while, I started to learn to metalsmith with sterling silver. It is quite a different process involving heating metal with a torch and fabricating jewelry with hammers and fire. I am mostly inspired to work with metal and stones and I use a lot of different crystals in my art. My newest venture has been permanent jewelry. Which is high-quality dainty chains made from 14k gold-filled or sterling silver attached as a necklace or bracelet, instead of a clasp they are welded on and meant to be worn for months or years. It's been a few years since I started making jewelry and I was able to quit my cooperate last year and work on my art full time. I now have a studio space that is open to the public where I make and sell jewelry. I also offer permanent jewelry at this location as well as do pop-ups around the Twin Cities. 

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