Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care Instructions

Care Instructions for Copper

YAY! You have a beautiful new piece of copper jewelry! There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your piece stays as gorgeous as it is today, forever.

Your copper jewelry is natural and untreated. If it should tarnish as copper naturally does occasionally soak it in vinegar and table salt for 15 minutes. Then rub the salt and vinegar into the copper with a soft cloth until all the grim and tarnishing comes off. Once it’s clean, rinse with water and dry with a jewelry cloth and TA-DA! All clean!

Information on Copper

Copper is antimicrobial and doesn't harm the skin in any way. Copper reacts with oxygen in the air, your sweat, and skin oils which may create a green layer of copper carbonate on your skin. It shouldn't be anything to be concerned about. Most likely you're not allergic to copper, very few people are. Simply keep your copper clean and dry and remove any oil or sweat which may be on your jewelry. It's as simple as that.

Care instructions for Sterling Silver

Sterling silver can tarnish, when you start to see the silver dull mix two parts baking soda to one part water to make a paste, then gently rub the mixture onto the jewelry. Let the paste dry completely to remove the tarnish. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth or microfiber towel and it will be all nice and clean!

General Jewelry Care

Keep your jewelry away from moisture, remove it before entering water and allow perfumes and lotions to dry before wearing. Taking those precautions will help your jewelry stay shiny without having to clean it so often.

Care Instructions for Forever Bracelets

You just got a beautiful Forever Bracelet! Yay! Here are some helpful tips to keep it as gorgeous as it was the day you got it, forever.

If you chose a Gold-Filled bracelet there is very little you have to do to keep it shiny as it is tarnish resistant. If you see it getting dirty just use a jewelry cleaning cloth, mild soap and water to help restore its shine.

If you chose a Sterling Silver bracelet you will need to use a silver polishing cloth, or jewelry cleaning cloth more frequently to help restore the shine and prevent or take away tarnish. You may also want to purchase a precious metal jewelry cleaning solution from a place like Amazon to help keep the bracelet clean. Otherwise mild soap and water can help return the shine.


How I Electroform Jewelry

Start to finish the process of electroforming takes several days for one piece. I start by joining gems and copper with superglue, then I paint conductive paint where I want the copper to grow.

Next, I add liquid latex to the stones to protect them from the acid in the “bath”.

Once to piece is put together I place the piece on a copper wire and dip it into a bath of chemicals.

I place copper piping into the bath and hook it up to a battery source. Once I turn the battery on copper will begin to grow on the conductive surface. This is a long process and the piece will stay in the bath for around 24 hours.

Once the copper has grown to the right thickness, I will either patina it to darken the color of copper, tumble it to make it shine, or silver-form over it to grow silver over the copper.

A single piece takes several days to make and each item is made with serious concentration and love.

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