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Bracelets start at $39

Book your appointment at our next pop-up event! Walk-ins are welcome, time permitting, but not guaranteed. Here is our schedule:

-Thursday January 26th from 3pm-7pm at Wild Witchery Studio in Minneapolis, MN (Appointment Only)

-Friday January 27th from 4pm-8pm at Wild Witchery Studio in Minneapolis, MN (Appointment Only)

-Saturday January 28th from 11am-3pm at Quaint and Quirky in Hastings, MN

-Sunday January 29th from 11am-3pm at Wild Witchery Studio in Minneapolis, MN (Appointment Only)

-Wednesday February 1st from 7pm-9pm BRIDAL EVENT at Wild Witchery Studios (Appointment Only)

-Saturday February 4th from 11am-3pm at Wild Witchery Studio in Minneapolis, MN (Appointment Only)

-Thursday February 9th from 1pm-9pm at Serge + Jane in Edina, MN

-Saturday February 11th from 12pm-4pm at North Suburban Center for the Arts in Fridley, MN

-Sunday February 12th from 12pm-4pm at The Mustache Cat in St. Paul, MN

-Friday February 17th from 4pm-8pm at Fat Pants Brewery in Eden Prairie, MN

-Saturday February 18th from 1pm-6pm at Indeed Brewery in Minneapolis, MN

-Sunday February 19th from 12pm-4pm at Wild Ivy in Edina, MN


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What is Forever Jewelry?

Forever Bracelets are gorgeous high-quality sterling silver, 14k gold-filled or rose gold-filled chains welded onto your wrist to create a beautiful permanent piece of jewelery.

Forever Jewelry is meant to be worn for months or even years!

However, they are easily removed with a nail clipper or scissors. If you must remove your bracelet cut it at the jump ring and we can reattach at another event.

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Host a Pop-Up!

Thinking about hosting a pop-up Forever Bracelet event at your store, boutique, brewery or literally anywhere! Great! Contact us via email and we will get back to your right away with more information. We look forward to chatting with you soon!

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Pricing for Sterling Silver Chains

Sterling silver chain starts at $39 and goes up to $59 depending on the style of chain. We are always adding new chains to the mix as well. So pop into one of our pop-ups and see what speciality chain we have.

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Pricing for Gold-Filled Chains

Gold Filled chain bracelets start at $39 and go up to $79 depending on the style. Come check out an event for speciality chain not shown here. We are always adding styles to our inventory!

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We do offer a wide selection of sterling silver, gold filled and rose gold filled charms! Including, gemstone charms, hearts, connectors, crosses, and so much more! Come to an event to see all the regularly stocked and limited edition charms we have available!

Have us come to your house!

Host us at your next birthday party, bridal/baby shower, bachelorette party, girls night or literally anywhere! We would love to come help make your day or night special with our mobile Forever Jewelry! If you live near Minneapolis, MN and would like more information on how to have us come to you send us an email at or us the 'Email Us' botton!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Forever Jewelry

Does my $20 booking fee get applied to the cost of my bracelet?

YES! The $20 you pay to book an appointment goes towards the total cost of the bracelet.

Does it hurt?!

Not at all! It is completely painless! You won't feel a thing.

Can you get it wet?

Of course you can! It is meant to be worn for months or years so you are absolutely about to wear it while you shower and swim. Just use some mild soap and water after being in chlorine to keep away tarnish.

Can I reschedule or transfer my appointment?

Due to the fact that when you book an appointment it removes that day/time availability for others to book we do not offer rescheduling or transferring of appointments.

Can I wear it through a metal detector at the airport?

Absolutely! You do not need to remove precious metals when going through airport security. So enjoy your jet-setter lifestyle in style.

Can I wear it during surgery or an MRI?

Probably not, but that would be a good question for your doctor. If you have to remove it, cut it at the jump ring with a nail clipper or kitchen scissors and we can reattach it for a small fee at our next pop-up event!

How do I remove it?

It's easy! Just use a nail clipper or kitchen scissors to cut the bracelet at the jump ring. If you cut it there, we can always reattach it for a small fee, if you cut it somewhere else, we won't be able to use that chain again.

What is 14k Gold-Filled?

It means there is A LOT more pure gold in it than plated jewelry. Gold plated jewelry uses only .05% pure gold which is why we NEVER use that junk. 14k Gold Filled has a very thick layer of pure 14k gold which has been mechanically bonded to a base metal. Which makes it perfect for people with allergies or metal sensitivities. And it can be worn for a lifetime.

How does the bracelet zapping machine even work?!

The machine uses electrical energy to release a plasma discharge which melts the metal in a small spot, bonding the jump ring together making it a permanent bracelet! With a little argon gas blast at the same time as the plasma blast it removes any tarnish or firestain from the heat leaving the jump ring beautifully gold or silver.

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How to Take Care of Your Bracelet

Care Instructions